What to do if you're in a car accident

Car accidents happen, but do you know what to do if you're in one? Keep the following steps in mind to help protect you and your passengers, as well as help you file your insurance claim easily.

  • If someone is injured, ask for medical assistance immediately. Make note of injuries to anyone involved in the accident.
  • Contact law enforcement and let them know your location.
  • Be cautious when getting out of your vehicle. Turn on your hazard lights and ensure you're clear of traffic before you get out.
  • Make note of any potential issues with other vehicles involved such as non-functioning headlights, missing turn signals, brake lights, etc.
  • Also record any anomalies with the accident site such as traffic light issues, line-of-sight impairments, and weather if it played a role.
  • Don't apologize or accept any responsibility for the accident. Remain calm and do not make statements about the accident unless you're speaking with a police officer. Be sure to record their name and badge number.
  • Only exchange basic insurance, vehicle information, name and phone number with other drivers involved. They do not need your address or private information such as social security number. Record the business name if the other vehicle was being used for business. Also let your company know of the accident if you were driving a company vehicle.
  • Take pictures of your vehicle and the accident scene on a cell phone or camera if you have one.
  • Ask that witnesses remain available until the police arrive on scene and record their name and phone number.
  • Call your insurance agent or visit their website to file your claim online. Hold off on taking your vehicle in for repairs until you speak with your agent. They may require that your damages be inspected by an approved repair shop first.
  • Keep all receipts and document the repairs made to your vehicle.

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