About Think

People and money. For most of us, it’s a complicated relationship.

We’re here to uncomplicate it – to help people create simpler, more meaningful relationships with their money, so that they can get where they want to go.

We do that by getting to know our customers (really know them!) and their unique situations, asking honest questions, and offering advice in plain human speak. Whatever keeps people up at night - the real, impactful things in life - are what we want to help with.

With industry-high customer satisfaction and employee engagement ratings every year, we’re known for our culture of caring, curiosity, and optimism. As a mutual bank owned by our customers, our sole focus is serving them. And our team never (ever) makes a commission, an approach that means customers can always trust that what we’re recommending is truly best for them.

Money pulls the strings of our hopes and dreams – the big-picture stuff that’s most significant in life. We get that – and we’re honored to be a part of it. So let’s sit down, get to know each other, and chat about what you want your money to do.

Meet your money at Think Bank!


Imagine entering an upbeat, energetic workplace every morning and leaving with a sense of purpose and accomplishment every afternoon.

Think Gives

Not to sound cliché, but we really, really like to give back to our communities – both financially and through our time and talents.


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