Winter driving tips

Brrrr… when it’s cold outside remember these winter driving tips

It’s coming… we all know it so let’s prepare to keep those we love warm, cozy and safe on the roads during these long winter months ahead.

Winterize your vehicle sooner than later
Check your oil and replace your antifreeze… a no brainer. Heater, brakes, lights and wipers in good order? Great! Tires need a good look, too to make sure pressures are ok 'cause it does decrease in colder temps. The things you learn!

Take the extra time to clear your windows
C’mon, you know it’s a hassle but it’ll save you in the long run. Keep a scraper and brush in the car at this time of year and then use it so you can get wherever you’re going in one piece!

Listen up – pay attention to road conditions
Pay attention to weather reports and test out your driveway or sidewalks before charging off. Once behind the wheel… keep a safe distance behind other vehicles. Nobody likes a pesky tailgater, especially when roads are slick. Elevated roadways freeze over first, so use extra caution on bridges and overpasses. Small accumulations of snow or ice can be even more dangerous than larger amounts. Snow and ice can melt as the temperature rises during the day only to refreeze as glazed ice when temperatures dip below freezing again.

Be prepared for the worst
Just like dad always said… NEVER drive with your fuel gauge near empty - especially during the winter months. And… stay in the car if you do get stranded and use the blanket you packed in your emergency kit… right? Along with these other essentials:

Pack your car with these items in case problems arise:
  • Extra warm clothing, gloves, and hats. It’s not a fashion show… just be warm for heaven’s sakes!
  • Blankets or sleeping bags. Yup, always good in an emergency.
  • Cell phone and charger. Who leaves home without these?
  • Nonperishable food and water. And a few snacks and chocolate, too!
  • A flashlight and a set of new batteries. Test em out first.
  • Matches and candles. Keep in a weather tight bag or container for sure.
  • A first aid kit and important medications. Cause you just never know.
  • An ice scraper. It’ll save ya.
  • Jumper cables. A must
  • Warning flares or battery-powered flashers. Ooooooh… fireworks.
Protect yourself
Face it, the odds of getting in an accident increase when the weather is bad. Get a little peace of mind knowing you’re protected. Our advisors have warm hands and warm hearts and can help you with a free policy review. Just give them a call at 1-800-443-6316.