Loans & lines of credit

So you started a business in your spare room and you want to grow.

Or you've been in business for years and need funds to expand. We have a variety of loan products to support and grow your business.

Lines of credit:

  • Secured and unsecured options to help build your business and simplify your finances.
  • Allows you to borrow up to an established limit.
  • Competitive rates and flexible payment options.
  • Overdraft Protection.

Term loans:

  • Ideal when your business requires a specific amount of money with a fixed payment schedule.
  • Use to purchase vehicles, equipment, or machinery.
  • Great for starting or expanding your business.
  • Multiple payment options and terms.

Business real estate loans:

  • Assists with purchasing, building or refinancing your business property.

Small business administration (SBA):

  • Loans available to start a new business, expand an existing business, or to acquire real estate.
  • Loans and lines financed in participation with the Small Business Administration (SBA).

How to apply:

Download our business loan application checklist, which will help you gather the information required to apply for your loan. Call us at 1-800-288-3425 (Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 6:00pm, CST). You can also visit one of our branch locations.