Protect your home from summer storms

Nothing can turn your summer into a bummer quicker than severe weather damaging your home. Avoid the hassles and headaches that a hailstorm, tornado or flood can bring by taking a few steps to minimize the potential damage of wicked summer weather events.


  • When a heavy storm’s a brewin’, close your drapes, blinds or window shades. This can help prevent broken glass from blowing into your home if your windows break. (Hail yeah, you’ll be happy you did!)
  • If hailstorms hit your area often, consider using impact-resistant material when it’s time to replace your roof.


  • You don’t want carports, canopies, or porches attached to your home to come loose and take a spin during twisters. Have a contractor check how sturdily these items are attached to your home, and secure them better if needed.
  • The connection between your roof and walls is also critical to your home’s tornado toughness. When remodeling or reroofing your home, consider having straps or anchors installed to help strengthen this connection.


  • Many people learn too late (and cry a river) when they learn that homeowner insurance does NOT cover flood damage. Learn about flood insurance.
  • Keep your home appliances (washer, dryer, hot water heater) above the expected flood levels of your area.
  • Inspect sump pumps and drains regularly to make sure they’re working properly.
Most severe weather events strike quickly. Give yourself some peace of mind that you are lessening the blow by doing what you can to prepare!

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