Home renovation mistakes: how-not-to

Whether you tackle a do-it-yourself project or hire someone else to remodel your kitchen, beautify your bathroom or finish off the basement, common mistakes can easily throw a wrench in your plans.
  1. Letting chaos cloud your vision. Part of your home may be under construction longer than expected. You may boil over when something doesn't go as planned or snap when the constant hammering finally gets to you. Plan for disruptions and try to be patient so you won't lose sight of the big picture.
  2. Cutting corners. Using cheap materials or hiring inexperienced help can leave you with disappointing results and questionable longevity of the renovation. Saving a buck on a big project may cost a fortune in the end, so plan your strategy with quality in mind.
  3. Underestimating costs. Once a project is underway, additional costs are bound to pop up. The materials you planned on may not work out, or the renovation may reveal repairs that need attention. It pays to round up your estimated costs and plan your financial strategy before the sawdust starts flying.

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