Plan an inexpensive vacation.

Who’s got travel fever? We do! Think team members offer their top eight tips for planning an inexpensive vacation.

  1. Be flexible with your travel dates. Flight and hotel prices fluctuate and sometimes you can save a lot of money just by shifting your plans a day or two.
  2. Reap the rewards. Use credit card rewards points to pay for flights, hotels, meals, and more. If possible, bundle your hotel, car, and flight.
  3. Do lunch. Want to go to that fancy (and expensive) restaurant? Try going for lunch rather than dinner. You will get the same great food and experience for less.
  4. Find the diamond-in-the-rough. The most expensive hotel isn’t always the best. Check out online travel sites for hotel rankings at your destination. You will most likely find an inexpensive gem that will cost a lot less than those extravagant hotel chains.
  5. Stock up on snacks. Nobody likes to travel with a hangry companion! Make a stop at the grocery store when you get to your destination to stock up on easy grab-and-go snacks for the kids and family. You don’t want to get stuck paying triple the price at a concession stand or tourist hot spot if you don’t have to!
  6. Pack reusable water bottles. You’ll save a few bucks and stay hydrated!
  7. Be savvy about souvenirs. If traveling with kids, give them a set dollar amount or spending limit ahead of time to choose their souvenirs. This encourages them to be intentional about choosing something that may have more meaning to them long-term or allows them the freedom to spend a little bit at a few different places.
  8. Use public or free transportation. It’s often easier than navigating an unfamiliar location in a rental car—and finding a convenient parking spot—anyway!