Build your kids' money skills

Teaching kids about money can be fun! The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has created games and activities that can help your kids gain money skills. Best of all, you don’t need to be a money expert to use them.

Here are some activities to help you teach your kids about finances.

  • Stretch your imagination. Help your child make some pretend money by cutting paper in the shapes of bills and coin. Then go on a pretend shopping trip, visit a pretend bank, or open a pretend new store.
  • Space journey choices. In this activity, your child decides what to bring on a tiny rocket ship. Help them practice making choices and tradeoffs with limited resources, a key part of money management.
  • How is it funded? Drive or walk around your community and point out different types of places to your kids. Talk about how each place is funded – public, private, nonprofit, or a combination of these.
  • Family members’ jobs. Your child can reach out to family members to research and compare the jobs they hold and what education and training it took to get there. Support your child in comparing and contrasting different jobs. Decide what factors are most important to your child and should carry the most weight—for example, talk about whether a job’s salary is more or less important than the tasks and activities in a typical day.

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