Hiring tips in a tight job market

Hiring freezes have thawed for many small businesses, which is great news! Your new struggle may be to find workers in an increasingly tight job market, though. Consider these 6 hiring tips as the job market rebounds.
  1. Make it easy to apply. In a job-seekers’ market, you should strip away barriers that would discourage people from applying. A simple application form could replace a required resumé for some positions. And be reasonable! Asking for too much in your job posting could discourage even a candidate with star potential from applying.
  2. Work your network. Get referrals from current employees, friends, family, and business acquaintances. It’s rare to get referred to a dud, as the referral reflects on the person offering it.
  3. Use multiple channels. Cast a wide net in advertising your openings. Attracting local applicants through your local news source’s online job board and a niche job site that’s specific to your industry could complement your use of LinkedIn. Also, consider using social media to spread the word about your openings, especially if you have a loyal following. You’ll be reaching people who are interested in your business and may want to join you.
  4. Seek out hidden gems. Consider unconventional applicants like new graduates, military veterans, and “boomerang” employees who have worked previously at your company. Professionals switching careers could also bring a lot of value to your business.
  5. Show your best stuff. In your job posting, call out what makes your business special and appealing. If your business has a culture of community service and volunteering, highlight it. If you’re able to offer flexible work schedules or remote work opportunities, shine a light on it. Put your best foot forward for the best response!
  6. Always be recruiting. Continually recruit for a pipeline of talent so you’re not scrambling with every new opening.

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