7 ways to "mobilize" your business

Is there anything you can’t do with a smartphone or tablet these days?

Laptops have become relics as 94% of small business owners are now using mobile devices to conduct business. The time and money saved is measurable! Consider all the ways that your mobile device can help you move your business forward:

1. Show product video or photos to potential clients.

2. Map out the most cost-effective delivery routes.

3. Manage receipts, accept payments & handle other banking functions while traveling.

4. Conduct meetings with Skype, Facetime or similar programs.

5. Keep data in a central, “access from anywhere” location.

6. Run social media pages to promote business.

7. Upload and edit important documents.

With all of these great ways to stay connected, it’s critical to keep your business information safe. Hackers are beginning to look at mobile devices to spread malware, so make sure to check out your antivirus options and have security measures in place that allow you to remotely erase a device should it be lost.

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