Payment protection

You can apply for credit life and credit disability insurance on your Think loans, including auto, home, equity, personal loans and credit cards.


  • Credit life insurance pays the insured balance on a credit card if the insured account owner dies.
  • Joint credit life insures the lives of you and any joint borrower.
  • Credit disability insurance can make the minimum monthly payment on the insured account owner's loan or credit card if they become totally and continuously disabled.


  • Monthly premiums are calculated only on your outstanding loan or credit card balance.
  • The premium is automatically added to your monthly loan payment - no separate bills or payments required.

How to apply:

Apply online, visit one of our branch locations or call us at 1-800-288-3425.

Credit life and credit disability protection is not federally insured, is neither guaranteed or an obligation of Think Bank, and involves investment risk.