Social media community guidelines

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While we actively moderate this community, we embrace and encourage open discussions.

In order to cultivate a positive experience for all members, we kindly request that you keep the following guidelines in mind when posting and interacting:

  • Do not share any personal, identifying or confidential information (account numbers, PINs, personal number identifiers, address, phone number, etc.) on any social platform.
    • Should you have inquiries regarding your account or policies, we recommend contacting your nearest Think Bank branch in person or contact our Customer Support at 1-800-288-3425.
  • We discourage the posting of spam, commercial solicitations, or political messages.
  • Our organization maintains a strict policy against any form of hate speech and discrimination.
  • Content that endorses or promotes sexual or illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
  • Refrain from sharing anything fraudulent, deceptive or misleading.
  • Employees engaging in community discussions should adhere to the established social media guidelines for staff members.
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