Phone banking

How to log in

  1. Dial 1-800-288-3425 nationwide or 288-3425 in Rochester, MN, and select 1 for Phone Banking.
  2. Select the account menu you want to access:
    1 - Account Balance
    2 - Account History
    3 - Transfer Funds or Make a Payment
    4 - Change your PIN
    5 - Deactivate a Debit Card
    6 - Hear Rates
    7 - Stop Payments
  3. Choose an account type followed by its account number.

    Savings accounts: enter your 13 digit number.

    Checking accounts: enter the 12 or 13 digit number beginning with 7450 found at the bottom of your checks.

    Loan account: enter your loan account number.

Phone banking reference card

Common phone banking options. Enter option 1 to enter phone banking. Press 1 for account balance, press 2 for account history, press 3 to transfer funds or make a payment, press 4 to change your PIN, press 5 to deactivate a debit card, press 6 to hear rates, press 7 to stop a payment or press 0 to speak with a representative.