Five smart financial resolutions

Some say that resolutions are made to be broken. We don’t think so -- especially when it comes to your hard earned dough!  We can help you flex your financial muscles and get fiscally fit in the coming year. Consider this:

  • Build an emergency fund: You’ll sleep a whole lot easier if you save in an emergency fund. A good rule of thumb -- have three to six months of living expenses handy just in case. We can help you set up automatic transfers. Easy peasy!
  • Get out of debt: Imagine how awesome it’ll feel when you’re debt free! We know it’s a big headache and involves a little sacrifice, but whittling down what you owe by paying a little bit more that what’s required can get you to the finish line a lot quicker.  We’ll help you with lots of ideas on refinancing or consolidation to lower interest rates. 
  • Improve your credit score: Ready to buy that cozy home or spiffy new wheels? Handling credit responsibly can help you build a higher credit score to get you where you want to be…..and it may even puff out your chest a little bit, too. You’ll be well on your way when you schedule payments using online bill pay.
  • Think about estate planning now: Your family’s future is important. We know. It’s not the easiest topic to bring up, but talking to aging parents and even your spouse about wills, power of attorneys and health care wishes now will ease the stress down the road.

Give us a jingle – 1-800-288-3425. We’re here for you and genuinely care about finding ways to get you to where you want to go.